Take the “Paper & Work” Out of Managing Benefits!

As a modern broker, you look for technology solutions that keep you relevant and put your clients’ needs in focus. EaseCentral offers a simple solution to streamline paperless enrollment, manage compliance, HRIS and more on one simple online platform.

And, as your partner, we are committed to delivering the best solutions available in our industry to you and your clients. With the LISI EaseCentral Dedicated Services Program, we’ll help you comfortably manage enrollment using innovative technology combined with the knowledgeable support LISI brokers can rely on.

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    Become efficient

    EaseCentral provides a centralized platform to manage your entire book of business efficiently. Manage significantly more business with the same staff.

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    Offer an affordable large group solution

    Enroll large groups without the typical large expenses. For as little as 10¢ per employee per month, enroll as many employees in as many plans as needed.

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    Manage complicated ACA rate tables

    Select carrier rate tables from easy drop-down menus for quoting and enrolling group accounts. Thousands of pre-set rates are available. EaseCentral calculates and communicates rates for employees and their families automatically.

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    Use data-mapped forms

    Carrier enrollment forms are maintained in our library. Just select the forms and employee data is automatically mapped and presented for e-signature. Submit to carriers without ever having to deal with paper again.

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    Track required documents

    Keep a detailed and accurate audit trail every time an employee views or acknowledges any form which requires distribution.

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    Simplify ACA Compliance & IRS Reporting

    The data you need will already be in EaseCentral or, for new clients, you can easily upload historical information. Brokers or employers are able to access the dashboard from within the portal, determine full-time status and see newly eligible employees. You can also set look-back periods or measure monthly to determine eligibility, and quickly determine eligibility and enrollment status to comply with Play or Pay Provisions!

Leverage LISI Expertise to Accelerate Online Enrollment!

When you sign up with EaseCentral through LISI, you get more than a technology platform. You leverage LISI’s sales representatives and knowledge resources. We are expertly trained on EaseCentral and ACA-Certified, providing you insight-driven EaseCentral guidance, one-on-one platform support, and seamless compliance and onboarding assistance.

What’s more, LISI has developed an exclusive EaseCentral Online Library with a growing number of key features, including:

  • All Plans and Benefits information*
  • All Rate Tables for every medical plan and region*
  • Links to SOBs and SBCs
  • Links to Carrier Provider Search
  • Employee-Facing videos

* All LISI contracted medical carriers.

LISI’s EaseCentral Dedicated Service Program

Leveraging our knowledgeable and experienced team will help you easily manage the enrollment process utilizing technology.  The best part? If you qualify, these services are absolutely free to you and your group.  Click below to learn more and access additional resources.

The LISI EaseCentral Dedicated Services Program

Already love it?

Well, we want you to love it even more! Every package bought through LISI includes our exclusive EaseCentral Online Library, as well as LISI’s dedicated one-on-one EaseCentral Enrollment Specialists. Take your business to a whole new level with LISI and EaseCentral