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All of the following services are included through a webinar sponsorship:

  • An email invitation to send to an unlimited number of clients and prospects
  • Webinar materials provided to all registrants in advance
  • A list of your client employers who register to attend provided to you after each webinar
  • A summary Q&A document

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*As an LISI Broker, you will receive a discounted rate of $275/webinar (45% discount). Please use ‘LISI’ as your discount code.

Upcoming Webinars
Employees vs. Independent Contractors – Why Does it Matter and What Does the Future Look Like?
JULY 31, 2018 Noon PST
This webinar will review employee benefit compliance issues with different worker types. It will also cover legislative initiatives that could significantly change the way we treat some workers and the rules that apply.The relationship between employers and their workers is changing. Many companies now use a mix of employees, independent contractors, gig workers, shared employees and more.
New Association Health Plan Regulations
AUGUST 28, 2018 Noon PST
The Department of Labor (DOL) has released the much anticipated Association Health Plan (AHP) regulations. The new AHP rules are designed to make it easier for groups of small employers and individuals to participate in health plans sponsored by a number of different types of organizations. This webinar will cover the AHP regulations and changes to existing rules. We will also discuss the possible effect the rules will have on the health insurance market.

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