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On Monday, March 18th, over 450 attendees tuned in for LISI’s March Healthcare Reform webcast, Will the Affordable Care Act Make Care Less Affordable, with LISI’s Executive Director of Sales, Ken Doyle, and Micah Weinberg, PhD, Senior Policy Advisor for Healthcare at the Bay Area Council.

In this webcast, they discussed how rates for health insurance are expected to rise in 2014 and what this means for the operative adjective in PPACA: “Affordable.” Topics covered include:

  • How carriers plan to handle the “rate shock”
  • Elements of the Affordable Care Act and other policy initiatives that hold promise for bringing rates down in the future

To view the webcast recording, visit http://lisiacademy.com/ (registration is FREE) and locate the webcast in the Course Catalog.

Also save the date for our April Healthcare Reform webcast, Getting Down to Brass Tacks, on April 15th from 9-10 AM PST! This event will cover the specific actions brokers need to take to ensure their employer clients are in complete PPACA compliance. To attend, first register with http://www.lisiacademy.com/ then reserve your spot in the webcast here!


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