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Nailing your sales presentation can make a huge difference to your sales-conversion rate. It all starts by thinking of your presentation as a conversation — not a sales pitch. Here are some secrets to effective presentations.

Ditch the Generic Sales Pitch

No two businesses are alike. So put in the work to deliver a personalized presentation that provides real value to your prospects. Demonstrate how you can solve their problems.

Start With a Simple Question

Start your presentation by asking, “What is the most important thing you want me to cover at this presentation today?” That will help you zero in on their biggest concerns.

Give them a Makeover

You don’t need a hair dryer to give your prospect a virtual makeover. Just follow these four steps:

  1. Describe their challenges
  2. Present a world in which those problems don’t exist
  3. Explain how you can get them there
  4. Drive home the before-after-formula with case studies. As a broker, you’ve undoubtedly helped many clients because that’s just what you do. So share some of those stories.
Get to the Point

Think of your presentation as an outline with high points instead of a book full of information. Create key points and practice verbalizing them before meeting with your prospect.

Ask Questions to Keep Them Engaged

When you were in school, which teachers did you pay most attention to – those who droned on and on or those who got the students involved? Stop regularly during any presentation to ask, “What questions do you have?”

Get Visual

Slides should be there to accent your presentation, not make it for you. So stay away from text heavy slides with small type. To create truly impressive slides, try an online site like When using presentation software, put the company’s logo on your slides. Personalize the slides to their situation.

Brush up on public speaking skills

Few people are natural public speakers. For most, it takes training and practice. To improve your skills, watch videos on public speaking, practice and record your presentation to see where you can improve, or join Toastmasters.

These tips should get you started on making great presentations. For more sales tips, contact your LISI Regional Sales Representative.