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Oscar Health issued approved rates for Q4 with a slight rate change overall. LA’s region 15 is seeing a slight decrease while Orange County is seeing increases.

Statewide (Region 15, 16, 18) 2.2% 2.5%
Region 15 -0.1% 0.2%
Region 16 0.8% 1.1%
Region 18 5.8% 6.1%

Oscar’s EPO plans provide an alternative to a limited network PPO with the price point of an HMO. Their cost advantage spans the metal tiers. EPOs are in-network only. So if you like your doctor and hospital, and you plan on staying with them in-network, why pay for the out-of-network benefit that you don’t use?

Oscar Health offers access to more key hospitals than do comparable limited network HMOs, and they are easy to write alongside regional carriers.

Contact your LISI Regional Sales Manager to find out more.