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A central mission of insurance brokers is to help people gain access to health care, regardless of the commissions. With PointCare, you can find public and private coverage options for your individual clients without tying up staff time. The qualification process takes only 90-seconds, and doesn’t require identifying personal information.

You get instant access to every federal, state, and local coverage option including Covered California, out-of-state marketplaces, Medi-Cal or Medicaid, to name a few. The service even looks at whether your client qualifies for other benefits like food stamps. Each featured program includes contact information, monthly costs, sign-up checklists, application pdfs, and online enrollment links.

Phil Lebherz and Everett Lebherz launched PointCare in 2012 as a solution to provide greater access to coverage – encouraging a no barriers approach to healthcare.

To get started, simply access PointCare Qualify.

Contact your LISI Regional Sales Representative for more information.