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An increasingly popular trend is to integrate health care so that employees get a range of benefits from a single insurer. Eighty-nine percent of employers are adopting integrated health care or they say they’re likely to do so within five years, according to a study by Anthem Blue Cross. With Anthem’s line of specialty benefits, they’re on the forefront of integrated care. Anthem makes it easy to manage health, dental, vision, life, prescription, and disability plans with one enrollment, bill, and contact ID card. The following is a snapshot of Anthem’s popular specialty benefits:


  • 100% in-network coverage for diagnostic and preventive services (exams, cleaning and X-rays)
  • Extra cleaning or periodontal treatment for pregnant, diabetic, or other members in certain
  • Anthem Medical Care Management programs
  • Brush biopsy benefits to help detect oral cancer
  • Turnkey promotional campaign materials and resources for dental health.


  • Anthem has the largest vision network in the country, including convenient retail locations with extended hours. Anthem offers simplified administration, from enrollment through claims processing.

Life Insurance

  • Anthem typically turns around claims in just 1.4 days with 99.9% accuracy.

Pharmacy Benefits

  • By offering both medical and pharmacy benefits, Anthem can more easily identify and close gaps in employees’ health care – like when members aren’t filling prescriptions or they’re missing lab tests.


  • Members who have medical and disability with Anthem get enhanced support and clinical coordination to help prevent and reduce the duration of claims. This holistic approach leads to a healthier, more productive workforce.

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