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by Ken Doyle
Proponents of single-payer health care are working fiercely to bring it back to life, although recent legislation failed to pass. There is no question that single-payer would dramatically reshape medical coverage. Proponents envision a system in which private or supplemental health insurance would no longer exist. So all Californians would lose their current health plans, to be replaced by state run health care.

What’s At Stake
Here are just some of the potential consequences of single-payer proposals that have been considered:
• California could become a destination for free healthcare.
• Single-payer proposals have included provisions that would cover anyone who has established residency in California regardless of their immigration status.
• Funding would require billions in new state taxes.
• Cost containment under a single-payer system is controlled by limiting access to health care. At the same time, single-payer systems do not equate to improvements in the quality of care.

Get the Latest on Single-Payer
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