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Q3 2018 Rate Update

UnitedHealthcare has released quoting for Q3 2018. UnitedHealthcare reports the statewide average increase of HMO plans is 2.2%. PPO plans have received a rate pass.  HealthConnect has been updated and Q3 quoting is now available.

Contact your LISI Regional Sales Manager for region specific details.

Dental Simplified

UnitedHealthcare wants to simplify the Dental sales process. They have created a new Dental Simplified portfolio which consists of metallic tiered DHMO and DPPO plans. They selected a high, medium and low option in each metallic tier. In addition, each tier includes a voluntary option.

Please refer to the Dental Simplified Portfolio guide to reference these new plan designs. All benefit summaries can be accessed on the LISI website.

It’s important to note:

  • DPPO Platinum plans are only available to groups with 10+ eligible and 8 enrolled. This is due to the orthodontic benefit. The minimum of 8 enrolled requirement applies regardless of whether the plan is offered standalone or as part of the dual option scenario.
  • DPPO Bronze plans are only available to groups of 2-9 eligible.

If the new Dental Simplified plans don’t fit your group’s needs, UnitedHealthcare will continue to provide a custom quote.  If you need a custom quote, please contact your LISI Regional Sales Manager to find out more.