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Anthem Blue Cross is delivering some great news with their Q3 Rate and Plan Update. Plans are easier than ever to sell with competitive rates, a robust provider network, underwriting promotions, quick turn-around times and some value added services. You can offer your groups better service and faster approvals. Meanwhile, employees get faster access to care when and where they need it.

Lower Rates
In Q3, Anthem Blue Cross lowered rates by a statewide average of -4.4 % for HMOs, -2.3% for PPOs and -5.4% for PPO/HSA plans.

More Coverage Options

New for Q3, Anthem Blue Cross offers the Bronze PPO 4000/40%/7350 in Select and Full PPO networks.

Q3 Underwriting Promotions Effective July 1, 2 018 through December 15, 2018

For Medical Coverage

  • 25% relaxed participation for groups with 5+ enrolled and a 65% relaxed participation for groups with 1-4 enrolled.
  • The DE-9C form is not required for groups with 6+ enrolling (excludes virgin groups).
  • Dual HMO Networks: Groups can select from both HMO networks to be offered alongside each other.
  • Individual coverage both on and off the Exchange will be accepted as a valid waiver

For Specialty Coverage

  • 25% relaxed participation for groups with 5+ eligible with a minimum of 2 enrolled.
  • 65% relaxed participation for groups with 2-4 eligible subscribers with a minimum of 2 enrolled.
  • 24-month rate guarantee on new Small Group Dental Prime and Complete or Dental Net plans sold with effective dates through 2018.

Fast & Easy Enrollment

Same-day approval for new business received by 8:00 AM Monday to Friday (excludes holidays and submissions must be complete). Member ID numbers are issued in seconds once the case is approved. Access to Anthem’s Rx system may take up to 24 hours.


  • Save 5% on dental, vision, and life premiums when purchasing dental and adding vision and/or life coverage.
  • Save up to 12.5% on dental, vision, and life premiums with Medlock pricing. The Medlock pricing applies a discount when Anthem medical and dental and/or vision enrollments match member-for-member.

Value Added Services

  • Live HealthOnline: A virtual doctor visit through your phone or computer. Pediatric care is now available from board-certified doctors. LiveHealth Online Allergy provides convenient access to care for quick allergy relief.
  • Anthem Anywhere mobile app: View claims, search for doctors, view ID cards, estimate costs and review benefits.
  • PayForward: A 15% cashback bonus to apply to deductibles, copays or co-insurance.
  • The Provider Search Tool: Doctor ratings and a cost estimator.
  • BlueCard: Health care benefits while members travel or live in another service area.
  • HEAL: Doctor house calls seven days a week from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
  • Anthem WholeHealth Connection: Allows providers from different lines of coverage — medical, dental, vision and disability — to capture member information, which is saved into a central location. Access to centralized information allows a member’s doctor to identify health risks and promote the right care specific to the member.

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