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Keep the IRS at Bay with ACA Compliance Solution Services

As experts in the ACA compliance world, ACA Compliance Solution Services simplifies the complexities of the IRS rules and regulations for you and your clients.

They are a broker-friendly company, working with you to navigate your clients’ ACA compliance needs. Your plate is especially full during fourth quarter, so the last thing you should worry about is having to handle your clients’ ACA compliance filings and explaining the IRS requirements.

Let ACA Compliance Solution Services take this process off of your hands. Not only will that free up your most important resource — time — you will be eligible to receive commissions for your business.

Offered Services

  • Filing and mailing 1094/1095-C forms (for employers with over 50 FTEs)
    • They accept new client filings up to one week before the IRS-imposed deadline at no additional charge (any filings after that date will incur a 50% surcharge).
  • ERISA Wraps
    • Every employer, regardless of size, who has a welfare plan must have an ERISA Wrap to be compliant and avoid IRS fines. For as low as $275 per year (including all amendments), your employer can rest easy knowing they are completely compliant.
  • Filing 5500 forms (employers with over 100 employees).

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