LISI provides brokers with the support, service, and scale they need to successfully compete in the marketplace – for both large and small group coverage.


LISI covers the entire state of California with a network of six offices, each fully staffed with local Regional Sales Managers, Broker Sales Representatives, and Underwriting staff.


A little differently…Ask anybody-we love our jobs. That enthusiasm goes a long way toward explaining how we’ve grown to be one the largest General Agencies in the state of California.


It may sound odd in this day and age-and in our industry. But we think that one of the best things going for us is that we really love our jobs. We do things a little bit differently than other General Agencies and that seems to be a good thing. We mix a lot of fun in with all our hard work and that probably explains why people at LISI tend to stick around. For instance, on average, our Regional Sales Managers, Broker Sales Representatives and Underwriters have over 12 years of industry experience. They know how to get things done. When you need help, you can always count on a friendly and familiar face at your local LISI office.


Here’s the thing: You can’t afford to hire staff exclusively devoted to studying pricing and coverage fluctuations or analyzing governmental legislation. We can. And in the process we’ve built extremely close relationships with carriers all around the state, so we can keep you informed and current. Working with us gives you the benefit of understanding ALL the plans from ALL the carriers. Large group. Small group. HSA. PPO. HMO. Regional variations from San Diego to Northern California. We’re not just talking about providing you with pricing matrices either, but underwriting advice, enrollment tips, and advice for marketing your business. There are always at least a few people here who know even the most arcane underwriting fact off the top of their heads.


The heart of our services is in our six offices located throughout California. Each local office is fully staffed with Regional Sales Managers, Broker Sales Representatives, Underwriters, Small and Large Group Quote Specialists, Enrollment Supplies Specialists, and an Operations Manager.


While it’s true that we’re one of the largest General Agencies in California, we certainly didn’t start out that way. We’ve been aggressively growing year after year since the company was started with a small office in San Mateo with five employees back in 1977. How did we grow to this size? Mainly word of mouth. Ask your colleagues about us. We think they’ll say something nice.


We don’t cost you a dime-our services are always completely free to brokers. Carriers pay our fees without impacting rates or your commissions. We make it easier for carriers to sell their products by helping you sell those products. Working with LISI is good for you, your clients, the carriers, and us. Everyone wins. Don’t you just love it when that happens?