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Upcoming Webinars
IRS §4980H Penalty Collection Efforts and Why Employer Reporting Still Matters

FEBRUARY 27, 2018 Noon PST

The IRS has begun to send letters to employers (Letter 226J) to begin the collection process for employers who failed to meet the §4980H requirements for benefits offered during 2015. Penalty calculations are based on data provided by employers to the IRS on Forms 1094-C and 1095-C. Many of the IRS proposed employer penalties are due to mistakes made in employer reporting, not to an actual violation of a §4980H requirement. This webinar will review the 4980H rules and employer reporting requirements. We will also explain the IRS penalty assessment dispute and collection process and help employers understand how to respond to an IRS proposed assessment.
HSA Administration Compliance Issues
MARCH 27, 2018 Noon PST
Properly administering HSA benefits has always been difficult for employers. IRS rules are often complicated, and improper administration can lead to serious tax consequences for the employer and employees. New benefit arrangements such as concierge medical services, on-site medical clinics, and other reimbursement arrangements can create HSA eligibility issues. This session will cover important compliance rules applicable to HSAs, such as coordination with Medicare eligibility, employer contributions rules, and more. We will also review common questions we receive from employers.
HIPAA Privacy and Security for Employers
APRIL 24, 2018 Noon PST
Many employers do not understand the full scope of compliance issues surrounding the HIPAA Privacy and Security requirements. Employers need to have HIPAA policies in place that govern the plan’s use of Protected Health Information (PHI), enter into written agreements with Business Associates, implement safeguards to secure PHI, conduct a Security Risk Assessment, and provide HIPAA training for employees.

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