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Sharp Health Plan is transitioning from Diplomat to CVS Specialty Pharmacy. This transition will take place effective February 25, 2017.

Sharp Health Plan has found that CVS provides greater flexibility on how members can fulfill their specialty medication needs. Since few members use specialty medications, Sharp expects this to be a minor transition. They do not anticipate any member disruption and will be contacting affected members and employers prior to the change.

Diplomat Transition to CVS for Specialty Medications FAQ

Why is Sharp Health Plan changing the vendor for specialty pharmacy needs?
Beginning February 25, 2017, Diplomat will no longer be available in the pharmacy network provided through Sharp Health Plan’s pharmacy benefit manager, MedImpact.

Why did Sharp Health Plan select CVS Specialty for specialty medications?
Using CVS for specialty medications allows our members the choice of receiving their specialty medication by mail through CVS Specialty, or picking up their specialty medications through any of the 140+ CVS and Target pharmacies throughout San Diego County.

What will be different between Diplomat vs CVS Specialty?
Diplomat does not provide members with the option to pick up their specialty prescriptions at a retail location (all medications are shipped by mail). In addition, CVS Specialty Pharmacy includes a mobile app to assist members with their refill process.

What will be the same between Diplomat and CVS Specialty?
The pharmacy will call members every month to assess their need for refills, and to address any questions. Members can complete payments by phone with a credit card and/or at the pharmacy if they choose to pick up their specialty medications at a retail location. Members can also get their non-specialty medications from CVS Specialty.

Can members continue to use Diplomat for their specialty medications?
Members can continue to use Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy for their specialty medications until February 24, 2017. On February 25, 2017, any remaining Diplomat prescriptions will be digitally transferred to CVS Specialty. If members choose this method, they can call CVS Specialty at 1-800-237-2767 any time after February 27, 2017 to obtain their prescription. Members will need to have their Sharp Health Plan member ID number when calling.

How do members change their specialty medication from Diplomat to CVS Specialty?
Members can proactively move their prescriptions to CVS Specialty through one of the following methods:

  • Ask their physician to send new prescriptions for their specialty medications to CVS Specialty:
  • Fax specialty prescription(s) to 1-800-323-2445
  • e-Prescribe specialty prescription(s) to CVS Specialty or CVS Pharmacy
  • Call in specialty prescription(s) to 1-800-237-2767
  • Call the CVS Specialty pharmacy at 1-800-237-2767 and ask them to obtain a transfer prescription from Diplomat, or call their doctor for a new prescription.
  • When a CVS representative calls members in the coming weeks to welcome them to the new service, members can provide permission to call Diplomat pharmacy and/or their doctor to transfer their specialty medications to CVS Specialty. Members will need to provide their Sharp Health Plan member ID number, medication name(s) and physician contact information.

Once established with CVS Specialty, members can choose to have their prescription mailed, or they can arrange to pick up their medication at any of the140+ CVS and Target pharmacies throughout San Diego County.

How is Sharp Health Plan communicating information about this transition to members and prescribers?
Sharp Health Plan will issue a series of communications to update members and prescribers about this vendor transition:

  • 12/05/16: CVS Specialty will be “live” in Sharp Health Plan’s MedImpact pharmacy network.
  • 12/05/16: Messaging in the pharmacy network at point of service and the pharmacy department will direct new specialty medication requests for members to CVS Specialty for specialty medications.
  • 12/05/16 – 12/09/16: Sharp Health Plan will issue a fax blast to medical groups to announce the change to CVS along with instructions for how to send new specialty medication to CVS Specialty.
  • 12/19/16 – 12/23/16: Sharp Health Plan will issue a letter to existing Diplomat users to announce the change and options for transition.
  • 01/03/17 – 01/06/17: CVS will issue a welcome letter to existing members.
  • 01/16/17 – 02/24/17: CVS will call members to assist with their transition.
  • 02/24/17: Any remaining prescriptions at Diplomat will be transferred to CVS.
  • 02/24/17: CVS will call any remaining members to establish them as a new member.

Will there be any member disruption?
Sharp Health Plan does not anticipate any member disruption. CVS Specialty Pharmacy will be contacting members directly to assist with this transition, and members will have more than two months’ advance notice to accommodate the transition from Diplomat to CVS Specialty Pharmacy.

Where can members get more information about this transition to CVS Specialty?
Sharp Health Plan will provide several resources about this transition, including: