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The days of printing out entire documents just to get specific sections from your CaliforniaChoice® quote are over. Now, you can select which sections to print with the new customization options. From a single quote, you can print or email an Intial QuoteMini Quote, or Select Sections.

  • Now, after creating an Initial Quote, a newly redesigned Delivery Options screen will display.
  • You can choose what you want — an Initial Quote, Mini Quote, or Select Sections — to print for review with your client.
  • You can also choose a “default” printing selection for your most frequently used option.
  • You can open and preview a PDF — and if changes are needed, go back to update it before printing, saving, or emailing it.
  • Once your quote is complete, you can request a PDF be sent to your CaliforniaChoice inbox or other email address.


CC.Broker.Site.Call.Outs.12.17For any questions about your new quoting options, please contact your LISI Regional Sales Manager.