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It’s no secret that happy employees create better companies, both in the organizations’ bottom line and in their contribution to society. So what makes for a happy, and therefore more engaged, employee? One word: benefits. That’s why our partner, CoPower’s, mission is to empower organizations to build a fulfilled, productive workforce without breaking the bank.

CoPower sees further. CoPower understands that to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing market, businesses must truly understand today’s employee. It’s not about clocking in and clocking out anymore. Employees expect more than a paycheck; in fact, of all the benefits and perks valued above pay raises, health care insurance — including ancillary — came in at number one. An astounding 80% of employees would choose additional health benefits over a pay raise.1

CoPower spreads more smiles. With total customization and powerful perks, choosing the best ancillary benefits (dental, vision, life, etc.) to suit a range of unique needs has never been easier. And when the hard part’s easy, then there’s every reason to smile.

CoPower makes lives better. It’s as simple as that. Because when employees thrive thanks to benefits that truly benefit, their employers thrive, as well.

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