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While oral care may not get the same prioritization as other types of services, lack of good benefits is not inconsequential. According to the International and American Associations for Dental Research (IADR/AADR), the total global costs of dental diseases is an astounding $442 billion per year. Moreover, a recent Canadian study revealed that dental diseases contribute to more than $1 billion in annual productivity losses.* So how can employers encourage their staff to take advantage of dental services? First, by providing quality options and second, by simplifying the process.

There’s no better time to talk to your clients about CoPower’s partnership with MetLife, which offers the 5 best MetLife plans suited to the variable demands of your customer without the choice paralysis of too many options. Groups with 2-99 eligible employees can take advantage of robust offerings with underwriting flexibility and relaxed participation with a carrier that has over 150 years of industry experience.

With CoPower, your clients have the advantage of flexibility. Not only do they get reliable dental offerings from MetLife but also the ability to choose lines of coverage from other reputable carriers, such as VSP for vision and Unum for life insurance. From employer-sponsored solutions that offer a comprehensive ancillary benefit, to standalone voluntary plans that provide for employees without impacting the bottom line, the result is a quality product without the hassle. And with CoPower’s support, brokers have free access to Empower — a full-featured online administrative tool that provides tracking of commissions, viewing upcoming renewals, adding and deleting members, and more.

While a more customized approach may not eradicate loss of productivity due to oral disease, it certainly moves the needle in the right direction.


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