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In order to meet HSA qualifications, Anthem Blue Cross has made adjustments to the following HSA Qualified plans:

  • Anthem Silver PPO 2000/20%/5400 w/HSA – RxC, Anthem Silver Select PPO 2000/20%/5400 w/HSA – RxC
  • Anthem Bronze Select PPO 4800/40%/6550 w/HSA
  • Anthem Bronze PPO 5000/35%/6550 w/HSA, Anthem Bronze Select PPO 5000/35%/6550 w/HSA
  • Anthem Bronze PPO 6500/0%/6500 w/HSA, Anthem Bronze Select PPO 6500/0%/6500 w/HSA

The changes affect Chiropractic coverage and the Enhanced Infertility benefit for plans that had the Infertility rider.  Under the change, these benefits are now subject to the deductible.  These adjustments are retroactive to January 1, 2017.


Please contact your LISI Sales Representative for any questions.