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HealthConnect has implemented a new level of security for PDFs generated from their system.  This new security procedure will help secure the information in quotes so that only those who are meant to see it will have access to it.  Going forward, all users will be required to enter a username and password when opening a PDF proposal from the system.  In order to accommodate this feature, there are changes to the way the system handles emailing of quotes. 

 When an email with a quote is being sent out, it will now contain a username needed to access the quote.  If this is the first quote for this group in the system, then the system will also email out a temporary password to complete the login information.  The system will require the email recipient to change their password upon initial access.  They can then use this new password, along with the username generated in the quote email to login and view any PDFs created for this group. 

 For users of the quote system, this username and password will also be visible on the group information page when entering the quote system. 

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