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Blue Shield of California has announced the release their enhanced authorization tool for pharmacy and medical procedures.  Their new AuthAccel online authorization system is a convenient, timely and efficient system for obtaining accurate medical and pharmacy authorizations.  It will improve the provider experience while supporting member services.

AuthAccel will present providers with their first opportunity to go online and complete, submit, track and receive determinations for authorizations, and electronically attach supporting documentation, all with one tool.
AuthAccel offers the following benefits:

  • 4/7 online availability from Blue Shield’s Broker Connection
  • Online tracking of authorizations, even those that are phoned or faxed
  • Ability to submit and receive pharmacy requests as well as authorizations for inpatient, medication, and service (prior authorizations)
  • Auto-approval for some prescriptions based on claims data
  • Automatic routing of expedited authorizations into a separate queue
  • Storage of all intake information, including supporting documentation for future reference or resending

Providers were able to start using this new tool on April 23, 2017, and their members will see immediate benefits with a more streamlined, comprehensive pre-authorization process.