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UnitedHealthcare has released their update for Q3 2017 which includes changes to both medical rates and their portfolio. These changes are being loaded into the quote system and will be available shortly.

Rate Update

Below you will find the average statewide % increase by network type. Rates are currently pending regulatory approval. There are no changes at this time to the ZIP Code list for product availability.

Network % Increase Network % Increase
Signature HMO 5.7% Select Plus 3.2%
Advantage HMO 8.2% Core 4.9%
Alliance HMO 6.4% Navigate 6.5%
Focus HMO 9.3% Non-Differential PPO 3.2%

Portfolio and Plan Updates

Portfolio Changes

UnitedHealthcare will move back to offering 2 Choice Simplified portfolios as of July 1, 2017. This means a total of 3 portfolios available; Choice Simplified I, Choice Simplified II, and multi-Choice State.

Available plan designs are limited to the selected package, however please note that all plans and networks offered within the package are available to all employees based on the employer ZIP Code.

With this portfolio addition, UnitedHealthcare has added their current Bronze HSA 4800/40% plan to the Select Plus network under the Choice Simplified II package, plan code AT-AO paired with RX 399.

Brochures and other materials are still being finalized by UnitedHealthcare, however you can find the breakdown of plans available in each portfolio in the July 2017 Product and Benefit Selection Form.  Please be sure to use this new form for all enrolling July business.

New Plan – Silver HSA 2000/20%

UnitedHealthcare has added a new HSA plan which will be available on the Select Plus, Core, and Navigate networks. This plan will be available in the Choice Simplified II package effective July 1, 2017. The benefit summary is still pending release, please see below for highlights of the plan design:

Benefit In-Network
Deductible Non-Embedded

  • Individual: $2000
  • Individual within family: $2,600
  • Family: $2,600
OOPM Embedded

  • Individual: $6500
  • Family: $13,000
Coinsurance 20%
Rx 551
  • Integrated Medical/Rx deductible
  • $20/$50/$100/25% up to $250