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In April of 2015, we shortened the road to enrollment through our EDI solution with Anthem Blue Cross. In February of 2016, we expanded that capability to include Health Net.

Business submitted through LISI for Anthem Blue Cross and Health Net groups enter the fast lane via electronic transfers to the carriers, enabling a quicker and more accurate implementation process. All resulting in a better experience for our brokers and our clients.

From simplified processes to faster access, we are proud to pave the way to solutions that make a difference for you and your clients and LISI is continually working with other carriers to bring you more EDI connections in 2017. In addition, LISI will take care of the submission process for you for those carriers that have an online submission platform, including:

  • Covered California
  • UnitedHealthcare SAM
  • Aetna Springboard – coming soon in 2017!

If you are not taking advantage of this solution, here’s some quick answers to common questions:

Are there any changes to how I submit new business groups to LISI?

Not at all. You can continue to submit new business groups to us on paper applications through email, mail, or via a .pdf of the group.

Will LISI still review my case submissions?

Yes! LISI will continue to review all case submissions and work to expedite approvals.

Can you offer EDI enrollment submission on my EaseCentral groups?

Yes! You can also get access to LISI’s exclusive online library with a variety of exclusive tools and resources.


Contact your LISI Sales Representative today for further details.