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We would like to make you aware of Covered California for Small Business’ current program along with some recent changes they have made as you consider the best fit for your clients in 2017.

CCSB has increased their portfolio with the addition of Blue Shield’s full network PPO plans.

With the addition of the Blue Shield Full Network PPO plans, added to the Health Net PPO Plans, Covered CA has a complete portfolio of PPO plans including in State, National and International coverage.

CCSB is one of two carriers that are offering Employee Only coverage

This allows groups to sponsor coverage for their employees and let the dependents obtain coverage through the individual exchange with the opportunity for subsidies should the member be eligible.

CCSB offers fee free service

No late fees and no service fees ever!

Be sure to take advantage of their new group enrollment portal to make the process of submitting new groups easier and cleaner. Lastly, don’t forget about the Broker Bonus program that runs through January 2017 effective dates. Brokers can earn up to $7,000 for 51-100 employee groups as well as an additional cumulative production bonus based on the total number of members enrolled during the bonus program.

Contact your LISI Sales Representative for further details today.